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Who I Read

It’s so interesting to me when I find others reading. I always have to interrupt and ask them what they’re reading, and I know it’s poor form and I’m sure some people get upset, but I can’t seem to help myself. I always want to find new books and new authors to supplement my own favorites. In fact, that’s how I have found some of my all-time favorite books and authors, this investigative approach.


This is really J.K. Rowling, of course, one of my faves.

Other times I do what I call the “Amazon stroll,” where I head to that famous website, go directly to its Books section, randomly choose a book, and read one of its reviews. Then I check out the “Books People Who’ve Looked at This Book Have Also Looked At,” or something like that, and I go from there. I’ve found quite a few diamonds in the rough with that technique too.

I remember when I was a kid my favorite author was Lois Duncan, and then there was Christopher Pike, and whoever wrote the Encyclopedia Brown books, and Judy Blume, and the list goes on. I read every single book of theirs voraciously for years. I’m not quite sure when I “grew up” and I stopped exclusively reading just those authors, but when the floodgates opened they really opened.

Now I have no less than 20 authors I would call varying degrees of favorites. There are some whose book I HAVE TO READ the second they come out, others whose books go straight to the end of my queue, and others who I’ve read maybe one book from but that book captured my imagination. But what takes me from a fan of a book to a fan of that book’s author?

Simply enough, all it takes is reading another book from that author and evaluating it on its own merits. If I like both books, the odds are that author is thrust into the role of one of my new favorites. That’s what happened with Audrey Niffenegger once her second book was released and I enjoyed it. The same is true of Alice Sebold, and so many other writers. Now they sit firm among the group of my favorite authors.

So, who do I read? Here is a small sampling of my favorite authors list:


One of my favorite all-time books.

  • Cassandra Clare
  • Bentley Little
  • Dean Koontz
  • Nicholson Baker
  • Lauren Kate
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Michael Crichton
  • John Grisham
  • Henning Mankell
  • Michael J. Fox
  • Laurie Halse Anderson
  • Harlan Coben
  • Lisa Scottoline
  • Gillian Flynn
  • Scott Westerfeld
  • Jane Green

As I said, the list just continues for pages and pages, but usually the above authors are of the must-read variety for me. Usually when they come out with a new book I get my mitts on it quickly, and usually those books are not disappointing. When one of them does eventually turn out not to be worth the price of admission I know that will be returned to me with their next book, so I don’t sweat it. It’s all part of the reading life.

Who are your go-to authors?



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