cropped-reading_glasses.jpgWhen someone asks me what my favorite book is, I always seem confused because I am. In fact, any good reader worth his/her salt will have the same reaction when asked. That’s because there are so many books out there — some I’ve read, and some are in my queue, ready to read — that it can be overwhelming trying to narrow it down to a few hundred, much less to a single one! So, I just laugh, and I explain in simple language why there can never be only one.

So many of my best friends I met in books, in short stories, in plays, and in poems. I read alone, but I’m never truly alone when I read. We Read Alone is about nurturing those connections between the books we read alone, but also in a community of readers that stretches from ocean to ocean, and from every corner of the globe. I love that feeling, so feel it with me, and share it with others. This is a place to share your passion and love of reading with others, so take advantage of that.

I will be posting reviews of the literature I am currently reading, reactions to those works, both positive and negative, but always constructive, and I hope you do the same. Everyone is welcome to share on this site, because we all read alone, but we can share together.

Happy reading!


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