Why I Read

Reading-group_tcm15-32795There are millions of readers the world over, and for each and every one of us reading is much more than just a way to pass the time. If we wanted to have a hobby we would take up lawn darts, photography, or bowling. What all readers have in common, however, is an inquisitive nature, an extraordinary imagination, and a sense of adventure. Every book, no matter its genre, its length, or its subject matter, is a new open door that leads us somewhere other than where we are. And that’s amazing.

I have been a reader since I was knee-high to a duck. In fact, my mother used to always joke that I was born with a book in my hand and a smile on my face. I started young, reading board books and young reader selections like Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein, so rhyming came naturally to me. Eventually I moved on to books like the Encyclopedia Brown series, and then to the Hardy Boys mysteries. It came as naturally as breathing to me, and you really couldn’t catch me very often without a book in my hands.

And along the way I met other readers in the oddest places. They were at school, in my neighborhood, at my church, at the YMCA, pretty much everywhere I went. And they read such a wide variety of literature it was breathtaking, literally mindblowing. Imagine how amazing it was when I finally discovered the public library at eight years old, and the plethora of books that awaited me there. I’ve never looked back, either, and at every step along the way there have been others to share with, to read with, and to experience the journey along the way.

Now I have a book club, and we read selections together every month, after which we discuss those books, but that’s not enough. I need to keep reading other books at the same time to fill that space inside of me that yearns for the adventure. That’s really why I read, and why it will always be a part of me.


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